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~ Wednesday, April 16 ~


when i see all these scholarships that are only available to students from commonwealth countries i really feel like i am being made to pay for the american revolution

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~ Tuesday, April 15 ~



Danny Pudi is an actual Muppet.




Danny Pudi is an actual Muppet.

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Tags: awwwwwwwww :') community you know I fall behind on you regularly and I understand the legit criticisms but... show you're still my show
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Every week for this class we write a one-page response paper to what we’ve read; it’s supposed to be somewhat analytical and formal but I don’t think anyone writes it that way (except for me). We are finishing up Jeanette Winterson’s memoir Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? now. Last week I wrote about the creation of identity, and I remember a line in it precisely because midway through writing the paper I went back and changed it from meaning one thing to meaning its opposite because I realized in the course of crafting that the first conclusion I’d made wasn’t true. At first I said something about being the heroes of our own lives, but upon revision it became a bit about how we are all the protagonists of our own lives but not necessarily the heroes of our own stories, and how Winterson’s tried hard to be the latter, blah blah blah.

Anyway, now as I wrapping the book up, very close to the end, what do I see? “I have worked hard at being the hero of my own life.” I wonder if my professor will notice this and assume I read ahead. But I didn’t—I saw this and out loud I laughed and said “Oh, wow.” Oh, wow. I feel good.

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~ Monday, April 14 ~

Well, I feel popular.

Tags: at least the costumer knows that i appreciate how jonah's clothes are perfect he's exactly as douchey as we always knew he was under the suit but now that douchey soul can breathe veep twitter
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~ Sunday, April 13 ~

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Tags: gpoy on Tuesday I went to bed before midnight woke up twelve hours later and was still tired I get you koala this is from polar bear cafe right? it's gotta be
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watched the last episode tonight and now i’m just supposed to carry on living like everything’s ok??? #fresh meat #heart feelings in the heart and stuff #thanks lindsay and alex for making me watch this

I feel like if Lindsay and I were better prepared this would be the opportunity to plug something, like “Catie took the Fresh Meat challenge! Willl you?” But that’s not a good name and MTV probably already owns it and we’re not prepared anyway.

But you’re welcome, Catie. Glad to welcome you to the team. <3

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Tags: and glad you know the correct usage of heart feelings in the heart and stuff that gave me heart feelings in the heart and stuff heart feelings in the heart and stuff fresh meat this gifset is my everything for the record it has all the most flaily moments! vod's od! crying step! voregon! CHOCOLATE SHAPED LIKE UNICORNS drinking strawberry milkshake in the bath! fat puppies falling off tables but never hurting themselvs! having perfectly white perfectly straight teeth FOREVER! headlining glastonbury! having a latte with johnny depp! my dream in life right now is that hulu has a contest to meet the cast assuming the cast would come to the states to promote it and lindsay or i win it because we are clearly the most deserving and we get to interview them or something i dk or care and of course lindsay and i meet irl for the first time and then afterwards we all go out drinking and do karaoke or at least jack and zawe and greg and lindsay and i do yes i base this off of the decadent opulent sunday vines
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~ Saturday, April 12 ~

Exactly one year ago at exactly at this time the best episode of Happy Endings aired and I’ve never gotten over it.

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~ Friday, April 11 ~
aquarius is interested in the world; leo is strictly interested in leo.
— some book in heidi‚Äôs bathroom (via voidwitch)
Tags: literally me and my brother i read that we were inherently incompatible in an astrology book when i was a kid and told my mom and she was like 'well that explains everything' astrology
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~ Thursday, April 10 ~

For everyone keeping track at home (no one is keeping track at home), I do like BC Camplight songs that aren’t “Blood and Peanut Butter.”

This one’s so exuberant though. It’s a good “spring! finally!” song.

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